Social QR Code

Quick Response codes (QR codes) have become increasingly popular over the recent years, especially in the United States. Even though it was first developed to store data about vehicles, these codes have quickly spread throughout technology and are now used to promote a wide variety of businesses in different industries. One modern way to promote your business is to use the power of social networking and allowing your information to go viral. There are certain steps that must be taken in order to ensure this happens, or at least to have the best chances of it happening.

When developing the code, it is vital that you take the time to consider what people will want to share. If you set up the code to initiate a text message, this is much less likely to go viral than if you set it up to redirect the user to a URL with an interesting video that pertains to your work. Some of the other forms of data you can use within this code include calendar events, phone numbers, geographic locations, WiFi networks, email addresses and contact information. Once you have set up the design of the code, make sure to save it in a format that is user-friendly so it is accessible to the majority of users.

After you have completely finished the design of your QR code, set up the layout of the post you will make on the social networking site you decide to use (e.g. Facebook). When setting up the post, the easiest way to include your code is to first place it on a URL and include a picture of the code, description and title. Post the link in the share option within your Facebook page after you have tested the link yourself to ensure that it directs you to the appropriate location.

Ensuring Your Success

Although the process of setting up a QR code for social media is relatively easy, the hard part is implementing it so that it goes viral. One way to ensure maximum exposure of your code is to offer an alternative way to access the information. For instance, since everyone in the social networking world does not own a smart phone, you will need to include an alternative approach, such as text-to-subscribe. By allowing the option to text message for the information, you are able to reach more people who only have SMS messaging options.

Another way to increase the amount of visitors and viral success you have is to offer incentives. Offer a chance to win a grand prize if they share the message with their Facebook friends. People are more apt to click on—and share—information if they have the chance of reaping benefits from doing so. You also have the option of creating specialized designs in the code in an effort to grab the reader’s or user’s attention. Make your own code stand out from the rest in order to add brand recognition, value and personality.