Restaurant QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes can be used within the restaurant industry for a wide range of purposes, each of which provide value to the customer and increase the likelihood that they will return. These two-dimensional codes can easily be scanned by any smart phone that has a camera. You are able to design these codes so that your customer can have immediate access to the official website of your restaurant, contact information, videos or any other type of information you wish to share. These codes are also ideal for promoting your establishment through viral means.

  • Incorporate QR codes within the menu so that your guests are able to view the dishes they have a choice of consuming. Some ideas for the type of data that can be included in this code include brief videos of the specials of the day, as well as information on the ingredients and nutritional value of each dish so that the customers are aware of what they consume. This is especially helpful for customers who have food allergies as well as those who have a restrictive diet that is dependent on the amount of calories they consume.
  • Set up the quick response codes so that they link to more information about the history of your restaurant establishment. This is helpful especially if you own a local restaurant and not a national chain that most people are familiar with. By offering a brief history of your business, you build loyalty and brand recognition with your customers.
  • Include videos of the staff of the restaurant, especially the servers. Although it is not necessary to use the QR code for extensive videos, ensuring that you include a brief video interview establishes a sense of personal connection between the customers and their servers. For instance, if your server is going to the same school or has earned the same degree as a guest, the customer may find this interesting and wish to continue coming to your establishment to help support you and your employees.
  • In addition to including information on the servers and staff of the restaurant, use the QR code to provide customers with information on the level of experience of the executive chef. A great deal of customers would benefit from learning the professional history of the person who is creating the dishes you serve.
  • Develop a “Recipe of the Month” section that includes a quick response code that allows you to provide your guests with a few secrets each month. Although you do not want to give out too much information, by allowing your guests an inside view into the food you make, you will develop a certain level of customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Include promotions and discounts on the menu or on the back of the receipt for the next time the customer visits your restaurant. Not only are you saving money by including the QR code on the receipt, you increase the chances that the customer will return at another time. Repeat customers are the key to the success of any business.

Regardless of the method you choose to use when incorporating quick response codes in your restaurant business, there are many benefits from using them. In addition to the modern technological advances, you develop brand recognition, customer loyalty and increased success through word-of-mouth marketing. Take the time to consider your options when designing these codes before implementing them. You can also use them for basic contact information, so every customer can locate any other locations you have.