QR Code Real Estate

Quick Response, or QR, codes can be used for a number of reasons, some of which include retail labeling and automotive labeling. In addition to providing customers with necessary information regarding products and services, QR codes can also be used when speaking in terms of real estate. Just like every other industry, there are several ways to use these codes within the real estate industry; some ways are better than others when comparing.

Real Estate Lawn Signs

One of the most beneficial ways to make use of the QR code within the real estate industry is by placing it on lawn signs on the properties that you have put on the market. This allows the potential buyers to find out all of the information they need regarding the property without contacting you for questions. You are able to direct them to an extensive amount of information, some of which includes information about the community, interior pictures of the home and the asking price of the property. By providing the potential buyers with this information upfront, you lessen the amount of time you spend on the phone answering questions and responding to emails.

Real Estate Business Cards

Incorporating QR codes into your real estate business cards is another way to use them within this industry. Instead of sending your potential buyers and clients on a running spree towards a great deal of information online, provide them with a link to your personal video that displays how happy you are to have met them. By allowing them to understand that you are addressing them individually, you gain trust and an element of personalization, which is something that is always considered as an added bonus when dealing with new customers. Instead of having every detail about yourself on your business card, simply place a QR code on the front or the back that directs them to the information they are seeking.

Real Estate Flyers

If you frequently put up flyers in neighborhoods and different communities, consider placing QR codes on these flyers to provide those who are interested with more information. With this type of code, you also have the opportunity to send the guests to a video without requiring them to type in a long URL to gain access. Simply include this data inside the code and include any other pertinent information that relates to the property listing you are working on.

There are many beneficial ways to make use of QR codes within the real estate industry. Once you have decided to use them, then you can choose the best method that works for you and what you are trying to achieving. Some realtors may even opt to place these codes to your vehicle or on a bumper sticker. Although this is not a bad idea, it should only be considered if you do not mind random people getting close to your vehicle.