Personal QR Codes

Quick Response codes, or QR codes, can be used in ways outside of business and retail purposes. Take advantage of the ways you can use these codes to promote yourself and provide others with information about your own personal brand. Whether you are creating a person QR code for the purpose of obtaining employment or simply wish to have your own method for others to gain access to your social media outlets, you can use these codes to your advantage. There are many benefits that you will experience when making use of this type of technology.

Use your personal QR code to group all of your information into one place. For instance, if you are creating a code to use for job applications, you would include your resume, cover letter and links to personal profiles on social networks. This is especially important since modern day employers want to know as much information about you as possible. Reports show that employers seek information on profile pages of potential employees on social media. If you have a common name, this is vital to include since a potential employee can find out information about another person with your same name that can have a negative impact on your chances.

After you have created your personal QR code, make sure that you run tests on it to ensure that is directs the user to the right information. If the code cannot be scanned, you will need to go in and modify the settings to ensure the design is the way it needs to be. Test the code by scanning it like a user would to determine the location and information you are directed to and make any necessary changes to ensure that you have the right information. Additionally, the information that you use on this code should be short and concise to raise the chances of the user selecting exactly what he wants to read. Another benefit of using short and concise information within a QR code is the fact that the design is less complex than those with excessive information and data, which makes it easier to scan.

The personal QR code that you design should link to a source that is mobile friendly. If you link to a URL that does not show up well in the mobile browser, it will lessen the effectiveness of the information you are trying to provide. Always test the code before posting it anywhere. If you post a code that is not easily read, you miss out on the number of visitors and potential credibility you will have.