QR Codes in Marketing

QR (Quick Response) codes are beginning to appear in an increasing number of traditional marketing advertisements. You will see these codes in various formats, some of which include business cards, movie posters and even direct mail pieces. There are several ways for you to use QR codes in marketing when it comes to promoting your small business or services. By incorporating these codes into your marketing plan, you add greater accessibility for your audience, which allows them to use the camera on their smart phones to obtain information on a particular product or service you offer.

A QR barcode can be used to transfer the user to a predetermined website, and can also be used to deliver vCards or even make phone calls. Before determining the exact method you plan to use for your marketing plan, you must decide whether or not your business will benefit from this type of marketing approach. Since many customers will not recognize the codes since they are relatively new in the United States, you will need to find a way to make them noticeable and easily understandable. Compare the various options that are available for QR code marketing.

  • Promotions. Promotions are perhaps one of the best ways to go about marketing your business whether you offer products, services or both. Put together giveaways and create discounts that require the use of QR codes so that your customer base becomes familiar with them. Incorporate these codes into social media marketing by turning the promotion into a smart phone application and tweet the codes for the discount.
  • Business Cards. Place a QR code on your business card that has all of your contact information on it. When the customer scans this code, they then have access to your business profiles on social media networks, as well as any other information you wish to provide them with. The goal of using these codes on business cards is to minimize the amount of information that is displayed on the card itself. This lessens clutter, which makes your business appear more technologically advanced than others.
  • Labels. Put QR codes on your product labels. For instance, if you own a wine distribution company, or bottle wine yourself, use these codes on your bottles so that customers have the option of scanning them to find out more information on that particular bottle of wine or other products you have to offer.
  • Store Hours Sign. Another creative way to use these codes for marketing your business is to place a code directly next to the sign that displays your store hours. This is particularly helpful because it turns a potentially lost sale into an online sale. Once the customer scans the code, they are taken to your online storefront, which allows them to purchase the items they wish to purchase, but are not able to since your business is closed.
  • Email Subscriber List. Use the quick response code to get your customers to sign up for your subscriber list. When they are in your store or place of business, have the cashier offer a free service, or another offer that entices your customers, to get them to sign up for your list. This allows you to send future product offers, which increases the amount of sales you get.

There are many ways for you to make productive marketing use of these QR codes. Once you have determined the ways you can use the codes for each area of your company, make sure to implement the plan. Without implementation, you do not benefit, which will make the marketing plan seem useless. Instead, think carefully about how you plan to use the codes, monitor its effectiveness and modify it as time goes on. As you add more products and services, your customer base will come to enjoy the ease of using these types of codes, and will eventually prefer you over your competitors.