QR Code Marketing Campaign

When creating a marketing campaign, there are many different approaches you can decide to use. When speaking in terms of using Quick Response codes (or QR codes) in your campaign, there are certain approaches you must use in order to be effective and successful with your efforts. These codes can be placed virtually anywhere whether your goal is to use them in print publications, such as magazines, or inside of retail stores on product packaging. When dealing with your campaign, make a plan ahead of time to maximize your results.

  • Keep the process simple. Keep the QR code in its simplest form. Instead of adding specialized designs with different shapes and colors, keep the design in the basic black-and-white format. When you keep the appearance and design of the code in a simple format, you increase the number of devices that are able to read the code. This alone is beneficial for your business because it allows your information to be reached by a larger number of customers.
  • Define your objective before implementing. This is essential no matter what you are marketing, regardless of whether it is a product or service. If your objective is to boost sales, the steps you take to get there are going to differ from educating your audience. Although the same QR code method is used, there are different ways and location you can place the code to maximize results. Additionally, it is important for you to define this objective before you design the actual code.
  • Confirm and test linkage. If you are sending potential clients and customers to a website that is not optimized for mobile use, you will lose a great deal of business. This is simply because most potential customers will not take the time to transfer the URL to an actual personal computer. Instead, they will become frustrated and look for the product or service elsewhere. In addition to confirming that the destination is web-optimized, you must also ensure that each code takes the customer where you intend for it to. This simply means that you must test the codes before launching them for complete use.
  • Include value in your efforts. For instance, customers will look at free prizes, giveaways and discounts as more valuable than basic information about the product or service you are offering. Although there are many customers that would be satisfied with basic information, majority of them will enjoy free gifts as well.
  • Consider the placement of your barcodes. Make sure that the QR codes are placed in a location that makes it easy for customers to find and scan. If you are passing out business cards, make sure that you place it either on the front or the back. If you are making use of outdoor advertisements, ensure that the code is large enough for the customer to see, small enough to scan and at the appropriate level for easy reaching.

If you ensure that all of your efforts are maximized and thought out ahead of time, the chances of your marketing campaign being successful are higher. Here are a few links to refer to for tips and further information on marketing with QR codes: