How to Scan QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are becoming increasingly popular within the United States. Reports show that as of June 2011, 14 million people used their mobile phones to scan a QR code in America. This figure is only 6.2 percent of the total amount of people who own a mobile device, so the number is expected to continue rising. Although the exact method you use to scan these codes with your mobile phone differs depending on the type of phone you have, the general concept is the same and can be modified for your specific model.

  1. Locate and download the appropriate application for your phone. The source you will obtain this app from depends on the type of phone you have, and will activate the camera on your phone in order for it to capture the barcode information. For instance, if you have an iPhone, the scanner application will be downloaded from the App Store. Other the other hand, if you have an Android phone, look through the Android Market; for Blackberry users, you will find the app you need in App World.
  2. Launch the application you have downloaded whenever you are ready to scan a QR code. Place this app in your frequently used or favorites section within your smart phone for easy access whenever you wish to quickly access information.
  3. Select the option to scan the barcode once your application is open. In order for the phone to be able to read the code, you will need to hold it still while the camera is focusing. Once the application has successfully read the code, you will be taken to the appropriate page of information. If the code you scanned is designed to make a phone call or send an SMS message, you will be taken to this action.

Once you have become familiar with the scanning process, you will look forward to scanning every code that you come in contact with. This quick and easy process allows you to gain all of the information you need about a product or service at the drop of a dime. You will find these codes in a variety of locations, some of which include retail stores, fine art exhibits and a variety of marketing campaigns. Take advantage of this method to obtain information and always be prepared to scan codes wherever you go.