How to Make a QR Code

Quick Response codes are bar codes that hold a large amount of data. This data can consist of a specific website URL that you wish to direct users to, or it can consist of simple text information about a particular service or product. These codes can also be used to initiate a phone call, send text messages or even interact with social media. Regardless of the reason you wish to make your own QR code, the process is relatively simple.

  1. Locate a QR code generator to use to make your own code. Each one differs in its own way, some of which are specifically designed for a type of format while others are designed to allow you to create any type of code. Additionally, most QR code generators are free to use, so take advantage of those unless you have a complex project.
    • TapReader: This QR code generator allows you to create a QR code with your contact information (vCard), URL, text information, email, phone number and SMS text messaging.
    • Qreate & Track: This generator has seven different data options that include a web address, email address, phone number, sending SMS messages, plain text information, a business card and event scheduling.
    • QR Pro: This is an application that allows you to create and scan QR codes with your iPhone. Create codes for support contact, calendar events, Twitter and Facebook.
    • Tagginn: This generator allows you to create a QR code or a Microsoft TAG. You must first register with the site, which is free and easy to do.
    • SmallQR: This specific generator is designed to shorten the URL to the code you are using. This makes it easier for more phones to scan the information in the way it is meant to be read.
  2. Enter your data into the appropriate fields according to the format you wish to use. For instance, if you wish to send the users to a specific website, enter that URL into the appropriate field. Likewise, if you wish to provide the user with specific information, enter the text into the blank fields.
  3. Submit the data to be processed into a QR code. This step typically takes a matter of seconds and you are able to use it immediately. Before using any type of code you decide to make, test it out to ensure that it takes you to the location you intend for it to. Additionally, if you have chosen to direct users to a URL, check to ensure that the website is mobile friendly, otherwise the quality is diminished.