History and Benefits of Using QR Codes for Business

Quick Response codes are used throughout various industries and some people even choose to use these types of codes for their own personal reasons. These two-dimensional codes are expected to become more widespread through many businesses as a way to improve their business practices by offering their customers and clients with an easy way to access information. Before you are able to fully understand the best ways to use QR codes for your business, you must first become familiar with exactly what this type of code is. Learn about the amount of data that you are able to store within each set code.

QR codes are able to hold a great deal of information in comparison to regular barcodes that are on products at retailers. For instance, the barcodes that are standard at retailers around the world can only hold up to 20 numbers while the QR code is able to hold thousands of characters, whether the information consists of letters, numbers or both. Another difference is the fact that these codes are able to be scanned with the use of a smart phone. As long as a person has a camera-enabled smart phone, you are able to connect them to a specific website or activate certain functions within the phone, some of which may include calling a phone number, sending a text message or sending an email.

The QR codes were invented in Japan and are widely spread in that area of the world. Although this is the case, these codes are just now coming over into the United States, and have even had some alternative codes made that were based off of it. For instance, Microsoft is one company who has created a comparative code to the QR code. This code is called an MS tag and the main difference between the two is the fact that these particular codes can only be read by a Microsoft Tag Reader. When determining whether to use the Microsoft tag or the QR code, consider the fact that if you wish to have more control over the look of the code, the Microsoft tag may be the better option if that is your main concern.

When using codes to enhance your business structure, understand that there are many benefits of using this type of code. For instance, if you own a business that sells products that require a set of installation instructions. Instead of listing the entire step-by-step process, use a QR code to hold onto the data that is needed. With this use, you are able to provide your customers with a simple scan to access all of the information they need to get the product they purchased up and running.

Other types of information you can link to include customer feedback forms, free music downloads, complementary services and product recommendation, valuable coupons and special offers, directions to your business and sources to obtain replacement parts and servicing. You can also opt to include promotional information and discount, as well as the exact process for hiring you and your professional services. Once you have decided how to use these codes, then you can consider the various places to use this code. For instance, these codes can be used on sales receipts, restaurant menus, event ticket stubs and on the sides of vehicles. Additionally, they can also be used on nametags at conventions and events, product tags and packaging, the front or back or your business card and on marketing materials, such as brochures or the like.

Once you have made the decision to use QR codes for your business, then you must take into account the fact that the effectiveness must be maximized in order for you and your business to benefit. The first step is to simply study the analytics before, during and after every change you make. By making note of the effectiveness at different stages, you allow yourself the opportunity to make the best changes that will benefit your company the most. Experiment with the appearance of your codes, some of which include the sizes, shapes and colors. Look at the designs that had the best reaction and use out of customers and implement the same technique with others.