QR Code Encoders

There are many Quick Response code generators and encoders that are available online for you to use. Whether you wish to create this code for your own personal use, or if your goal is to use it for your business, there are encoders that allow you to have full control over the customization features. Take the time to find the program that allows you to make your code from scratch. Browse through this list to choose the best option for you.

QR-Code Font and Encoder: Use font and encoder tools to create your own QR code. Some of the data this encoder supports includes text, functions and web addresses. 

Online Barcode Generator: Enter the code information in a few quick steps to create your own code.

QR Code and 2D Code Generator: Select the action, code type, content information and design specifics to create your own 2D code. This encoder is user friendly, so you are able to create the code in a matter of minutes.

Esponce: This straight-forward encoder allows you to create your own code, shorten the code and configure the code to meet the specifics you need.

ZXing Project - QR Code Generator: This software program provides you with the option of creating a QR code that stores one of nine types of data, some of which include contact information, calendar events, phone numbers and geographic locations.

QR Code Generator by Delivr: Create your own QR code to store data that includes URL information, Amazon affiliate links, Google Analytics campaigns and more. You can also modify the size of the code as well as the color.

Unitag Customed QR Code Generator: This is a comprehensive encoding option that allows you to fully customize your QR code when creating it. From the type of data you use to the colors and logo, you have the ability to make the code look any way you wish.

SnapMaze: This encoder allows you to create your own QR code that stores one of five types of data: URL, text, phone numbers, SMS messaging and contact information.

QR Code Barcode Generator: Enter your information that you wish to encode into the QR code and click “Generate Barcode”.

INVX QR Code Generator and DataMatrix Barcode Generator:Simply enter your text information in the straight-forward site to generate your own QR code. This encoder also allows you the option of changing your background color to meet your needs if you wish to have it match your brand’s logo.

Create QR Code: This specific encoder allows you to create QR codes by using the API chart by Google.

I-Nigma: This encoder allows you to create your own QR codes with one of four types of data. Whether you have a website link, encoded message, contact details or wish to send an SMS message, you can do so with this encoder.

QR Stuff: QR Stuff is a comprehensive encoder that provides you with a wide range of options to choose from when creating your own QR code. Choose from a variety of data types, some of which include website URLs, Google Maps locations, social media and contact details. You can also choose the foreground color of the code.