Types of Companies That Use QR Codes

Quick Response codes were first introduced in Japan in 1994 as a way to track the various car parts in the automobile industry. Now, they are used for business and personal reasons by people around the world. Although one of the most popular reasons to use these codes is in the retail industry, there are also other industries that make used of these codes. Look through a few of the other industries that use these codes and determine the best way for you to use them in your business.

  • The education industry is one that many people may not think of as one that uses QR codes. One way that this industry uses these codes is by placing the codes on social media pages so that parents can easily link to more information about various events and happenings. This is ideal for students and parents who are not familiar with technology and need to submit online forms and paperwork.
  • The food and beverage industry is another one that makes use of the QR codes. This industry has begun to use the codes as a method of paying for food and drinks. One specific company that makes use of the code is Starbucks.
  • Travel and tourism is an industry that places QR codes on print brochures, maps and other publications to provide visitors with more information about the locations they choose to visit.
  • The real estate industry has begun to place QR codes on “For Sale” signs to provide those who are interested with more information on the house or property that is for sale. This method limits the amount of time that is wasted when potential buyers call to ask questions that can be answered on the website.