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Quick Response codes are barcodes that have two dimensions. This simply means that this code is able to be read in a horizontal fashion as well as a vertical fashion. The main benefit of these types of codes is the fact that they can hold a larger amount of data that simple barcodes that have always been used in retail stores whenever you purchase an item. The QR codes are able to hold up to 7,000 characters depending on whether you choose to use alpha-numeric character, numbers only or another type of data character. First designed in 1994, these codes were initially used as a way to store information on vehicles. Since then, these codes have become widely used in just about any format you can imagine.

This website will show you varied information on the history of these codes, the benefits of these codes, how to create your own and the various ways that you and your company can benefit from using them. Whether your goal is to store information, such as a link to a website, or more detailed actions, such as sending a text message or making a phone, this website will show you how to make the best of your coded data. Once you have learned how to create your own code for free, you can then begin to contemplate on the various locations that this code design can be used. Customers are able to scan the code with an application that they have downloaded on their cell phones and be taken to the destination that you choose.